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Most Popular Questions

Can you create a company in the USA as a foreigner?

Yes, foreigners and other companies can own it. We can have your corporation or LLC formed within 4-5 business days so you can start their business. Purchase of real estate or franchise.

Can you create without being present?

Yes, creating an LLC can be done remotely. We will generate all the documentation for you, obtaining the number of taxes granted by the federal government.

Opening of bank accounts

Our relationships with banking and financial institutions offer our clients the possibility of opening bank accounts efficient, complying with strict international banking regulations.

It required?

To form the company we need:
• Choose the name.
• Scanning of passports and/or visas of members (at least 2 members are recommended)
• Indication of percentages that each partner will have.
• Legal address in the USA (you can use our virtual office)

• You do not have to immediately start operating your business.
• Once created, the LLC can be closed at any time.
• Federal tax returns are not filed with the IRS until the next year.
• You do not have to hire employees.
• An LLC can be created with a single owner.


Create an LLC or a Corp?

We have the experience to help you determine the best business structure for your needs. Ask us.

What state to join?

According to your specific circumstances we can define the state that best suits the opening of your company. Delaware, Florida, choosing with you the best option.