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Bookkeeping and Payroll

Running a business and keeping up with all of its operational processes is a challenge that demands a great deal of our time and effort. At Latino Services we understand that
business owners are focused on growing their businesses and for that they need a team
that is highly committed to those tasks related to bookkeeping and payroll.


– Accounts payable (vendor invoices and payments)
– Accounts receivable (customer invoices and collections)
– Electronic document management
– Reconciliations (Checks and Credit Cards)
– Reconciliation of income with bank deposits

Our payroll service is complete, we will securely take care of the following for you:

– Regular preparation and printing of payroll checks on time.
– Comprehensive reporting of your employees’ accruals, leaves and sick days.
– Easy to use and understand monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, including

W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms.

– Free direct deposits
– EFTPS tax deposits, as well as worry-free IRS and state tax reporting.
– Your payroll records are updated and managed. We comply with microcoding standards.

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404 Airport Freeway Bedford TX 76022

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